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Welder classification

As a leading welding machine manufacturing company, we understand that each customer has its own unique needs and challenges. Therefore, our services not only include the supply of high quality standard welding equipment, but also strive to provide customized welding machine solutions for each customer.

IBC Cage Production Line
Steel Grating Welding Line
Rebar Mesh Line
Industrial Mesh Line
Lattice Girder Welding Line
Wire Products Welding Line
Sandwich Panel Welding Line

After-sales Service

What we offer

Maintenance and training​

At EVG, our mission extends beyond merely providing top-quality machinery. We pride ourselves on delivering an all-encompassing customer experience, ensuring that each installation is not just executed with precision but also accompanied by a comprehensive suite of support services. Our team of highly skilled professionals is dedicated to meticulously installing and fine-tuning every aspect of your machinery, guaranteeing seamless operation from the outset.


Our commitment to excellence means we stay by your side throughout the entire process, including the critical stages of commissioning, start-up, and—most importantly—training your staff to operate the machinery safely and efficiently. We believe that empowering you and your team is the cornerstone of a successful partnership.


With a global network of local sales agencies and service partners, we’re uniquely positioned to provide rapid assistance whenever you need it, no matter where you are. And because we understand that downtime can be costly, we’ve honed an efficient spare part management system that ensures critical components are delivered swiftly, even for older machines, keeping your operations running smoothly.

field installation

Send experienced technicians to the customer site to install the welding machine equipment. Ensure the installation quality and the normal operation of the equipment

training service

Provide on-site training to customers, including the basic use, maintenance and safe operation of the equipment. Trainers provide customers with practical operating skills to ensure that they can use the equipment proficiently.

Customized installation solution

According to the actual needs of customers and factory environment, provide personalized installation solutions to meet the production requirements of customers to the greatest extent.

Why Choose Us

Spare Parts Sales

Our global network ensures that critical spare parts are readily available, no matter where you are in the world. With a vast inventory that includes components for both newer and older machine models, we can swiftly meet your maintenance and repair needs. Our team is dedicated to providing fast response times and efficient order processing, so you can trust that every part will arrive on your doorstep precisely when you need it most.


We go beyond mere sales by offering expert advice on part selection, ensuring that you receive the exact component required for your specific machine model and configuration. Our commitment to excellence doesn’t stop at the sale; it continues with comprehensive support should you have any questions or need further assistance.


Service Team

At Xinzhou, our service team is the backbone of our customer support initiatives, embodying a relentless dedication to ensuring your complete satisfaction. We are proud to boast a group of highly trained and experienced professionals who understand that every moment counts in your operational efficiency. Our team doesn’t just fix issues; they prevent them by providing proactive maintenance guidance and performing meticulous inspections to catch potential problems before they become costly repairs.


When you choose Xinzhou, you gain a partner whose service team is as invested in your success as you are. With us, expect seamless support that keeps your operations running smoothly, today, tomorrow, and for many productive years to come.

Hotline and on-call duty

Hotline and on-call duty

Xinzhou’s hotline and on-call duty services ensure that you have immediate access to expert support, 24/7. Our dedicated team is always ready to provide rapid assistance, troubleshooting, and problem resolution, keeping your operations running smoothly even in unexpected situations. With Xinzhou, you can trust that help is always a call away, maintaining your business continuity and efficiency.

24/7 Technical support

Provide round-the-clock technical support services, including phone, mail and online support, to solve problems encountered by customers during use, help customers diagnose equipment failures, and provide solutions to reduce fault repair time.

Remote fault

Through remote technical means, we help customers diagnose equipment failures and provide solutions to shorten the time of failure repair.

Scheduled Telmaintenance service

Provide regular maintenance services, including equipment cleaning, parts replacement and performance adjustment, to ensure long-term stable operation of equipment.

supply of spare parts

Provide original spare parts supply service to ensure customers can get the parts they need in a timely manner and reduce downtime caused by parts failure.

technological upgrade

Continuously provide product technology upgrades and improvements to meet the changing needs of customers and industry standards.

customer satisfaction investigation

Conduct regular customer satisfaction survey, collect customer feedback, continuously improve service quality and enhance customer experience

Telemaintenance - Online Service

Our state-of-the-art telemaintenance platform allows us to connect securely to your equipment, perform diagnostics, and collaborate with you in real-time to address any concerns. This innovative approach saves valuable time and resources by minimizing the need for travel, reducing the risk of further downtime.


With Xinzhou’s online service, you have immediate access to our experts who can guide you through maintenance procedures, software updates, or complex technical challenges. We leverage cutting-edge technologies such as video conferencing, remote desktop control, and secure data sharing to ensure a seamless and effective service experience.


Choose Xinzhou for our comprehensive telemaintenance solutions, and experience firsthand how online service can transform your maintenance strategy, providing you with the tools to overcome technical hurdles quickly and efficiently.

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