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As a leading welding machine manufacturing company, we understand that each customer has its own unique needs and challenges. Therefore, our services not only include the supply of high quality standard welding equipment, but also strive to provide customized welding machine solutions for each customer.

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Comparison between automated steel grating welding machine and manual welding machine

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Comparison between automated steel grating welding machine and manual welding machine

There are significant differences between automated steel grating welding machines and manual welding machines in terms of efficiency, welding quality, and operation difficulty. Here is a detailed comparison of the two:

1. Usage efficiency

Automated steel grating welding machine :

  • High efficiency : The automated welding machine can work continuously and does not require frequent shutdowns for adjustments and maintenance.
  • High output : Due to its automated operation and fast welding capabilities, the output is much higher than that of a manual welder.
  • Consistency : Due to consistent operation, welding speed and quality remain stable, reducing rework and scrap rates.

Manual welding machine :

  • Low efficiency : Manual welding requires the welder to operate step by step and is slow.
  • Low output : Manual operation takes a long time and is labor-intensive, making it difficult to achieve high output.
  • Susceptible to human factors : welding quality and speed are easily affected by the welder’s technical level and status, and welding consistency is poor.

2. Welding quality

Automatic steel grating welding machine :

  • High precision : The welding parameters of the automatic welding machine are preset to ensure the consistency and precision of each welding.
  • Stability : Automated equipment can achieve constant welding current, voltage and speed, and the welding quality is stable.
  • Aesthetics : The welding appearance is neat and the weld is even, which reduces the workload of subsequent processing.

Manual welding machine :

  • Quality fluctuation : The welder’s technical level and operating proficiency directly affect the welding quality, which can easily lead to uneven welds.
  • Poor stability : welding parameters are not easy to keep constant during welding, and welding quality fluctuates greatly.
  • Poor aesthetics : The weld is prone to irregularities and excessive slag, requiring more follow-up processing.

3. Operation Difficulty

Automatic steel grating welding machine :

  • Simple operation : The operation interface is friendly, and it is easy to set and adjust parameters, and basically no professional welding skills are required.
  • Short training time : Newcomers can get started after simple training, reducing the dependence on highly skilled welders.
  • High safety : The design of automated equipment pays more attention to safety, reducing the risk of welders being directly exposed to high temperatures and arcs.

Manual welding machine :

  • Complex operation : welders need to have high technical level and experience to ensure welding quality.
  • Long training time : The training period for welders is long and long-term practice is required to achieve proficiency.
  • High safety risk : In manual operation, welders need to directly contact the welding part, which poses a high risk of burns and electric shock.

4. Cost

Automatic steel grating welding machine :

  • High initial investment : The equipment cost is relatively high, but as production efficiency and quality improve, the cost can be recovered quickly.
  • Low maintenance cost : The maintenance and upkeep of automated equipment is relatively simple, reducing labor costs.

Manual welding machine :

  • Low initial investment : Equipment costs are low, but as production scales up, labor costs and training costs increase.
  • High maintenance cost : Manual welding machines are frequently used, wear out quickly, and require more maintenance and replacement of parts.


Automated steel grating welding machines are significantly superior to manual welding machines in terms of efficiency, welding quality and operating difficulty, and are suitable for large-scale production and high-quality requirements. Manual welding machines are more suitable for small-batch production and special welding requirements. The choice of equipment needs to be determined based on specific production needs and budget.

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