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Welder classification

As a leading welding machine manufacturing company, we understand that each customer has its own unique needs and challenges. Therefore, our services not only include the supply of high quality standard welding equipment, but also strive to provide customized welding machine solutions for each customer.

IBC Cage Production Line
Steel Grating Welding Line
Rebar Mesh Line
Industrial Mesh Line
Lattice Girder Welding Line
Wire Products Welding Line
Sandwich Panel Welding Line

June 2023 Exhibition in Russia

We strive to provide our customers with first-class machinery manufacturing and design services. Our team is made up of highly skilled professionals who have worked in the machine building, construction industry for many years and are committed to getting great work done.

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Future is efficient power vitality and sustainable power source

June 2023 Exhibition in Russia

With the continuous advancement of technology and the continuous innovation of the industry, Xinzhou is proud to announce that we will be participating in the International Welding Exhibition in Russia in June 2023. We invite you to visit our booth to witness and discuss the latest developments and future trends in welding technology.

As a professional welding machine manufacturer, xinzhou has been committed to developing innovative and efficient welding solutions to meet the needs of customers in different industries around the world. After years of technology accumulation and market test, our products with its excellent performance, stable quality and superior cost has won wide recognition in the industry.

Reliable Welder Manufacturer

A professional engineering team with more than 20 years of experience in the welding industry is at your service. 24-hour fast online service.