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As a leading welding machine manufacturing company, we understand that each customer has its own unique needs and challenges. Therefore, our services not only include the supply of high quality standard welding equipment, but also strive to provide customized welding machine solutions for each customer.

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Participation in the Russian Metal Metallurgy Exhibition in June 2024

We strive to provide our customers with first-class machinery manufacturing and design services. Our team is made up of highly skilled professionals who have worked in the machine building, construction industry for many years and are committed to getting great work done.

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Participation in the Russian Metal Metallurgy Exhibition in June 2024

Xinzhou Company Showcases Welding Machines at Metal and Metallurgy Exhibition in Moscow

Xinzhou Company, a leading manufacturer of welding machines, recently participated in the Metal and Metallurgy Exhibition in Moscow, Russia. The event provided an excellent platform for Xinzhou to showcase its innovative welding solutions to a wide range of clients and industry professionals.

The exhibition attracted numerous visitors, including key stakeholders and decision-makers from the metalworking and metallurgy sectors. Xinzhou’s booth was bustling with activity as attendees showed great interest in the company’s products, particularly the IBC tank frame welding machine, steel grating welding machine, steel mesh welding machine, and resistance welding machine.

“We are thrilled by the overwhelming response we received at the exhibition,” said a spokesperson for Xinzhou Company. “Our welding machines have always been well-received for their high-quality performance and reliability. This exhibition provided us with a fantastic opportunity to connect with existing clients and forge new partnerships.”

Xinzhou Company’s welding machines are renowned for their precision, efficiency, and durability, making them ideal for a wide range of welding applications. The company’s commitment to innovation and customer satisfaction has helped it establish a strong presence in the global welding industry.

For more information about Xinzhou Company and its range of welding machines, please visit Xinzhou Company’s website.

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